Introducing the GENESIS Dental Implant System

Building on a heritage of more than 5 years of technological innovation, Genesis Implants has made a significant investment in dental implant research and development. This forward-thinking strategy is designed to harness technology in order to bring comprehensive implant treatment to patients across the economic spectrum, providing exceptional quality at an affordable price. Our diverse team includes experts with Ph.D.’s in material sciences and software development, engineers, dentists, Master Dental
Technicians and specialists in a variety of fields who work on your cases.

Genesis Dental Implants from Genesis Implants combine proven, industry-compatible design features with state-of-the-art surface technology for clinicians of all experience levels. Used alone or with the revolutionary Genesis Tooth Replacement Solution, Genesis Tapered Implants & aktive implants emphasize efficient placement protocols and facilitate a natural, aesthetic restoration. For small-diameter indications,self-tapping Genesis Mini Implants for the long-term stabilization of dentures in the presence of primary stability and appropriate occlusal loading. Combine either implant system with patient-specific temporary and final prosthetic components for a convenient, all-in-one treatment option.

Genesis Implants is dedicated to providing efficient, predictable solutions for dentists and patients by consolidating and improving the overall process of delivering implant treatment — from advanced treatment planning services, to implant and component manufacturing, to design and fabrication of the final restorative prosthesis. Simple. Convenient. Affordable. That’s the Genesis way.

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